About Copenhagen Industries 

Founded in 2016, by Søren Haraldsted and Daniel Karpantschof, Copenhagen Industries is an innovative new technology company, developing and designing products for special effects in the entertainment, event, film and TV industries.
Together they bring more than thirty years of relevant experience in special effects, pyrotechnics, weaponry, innovation, entrepreneurship, creative leadership and technology startups. They’ve worked together on numerous projects and productions, since they met in 2003 at Copenhagen Business College.


Søren Haraldsted, Partner

Søren Haraldsted

Born and raised in suburban Copenhagen, Søren Haraldsted started working with special effects, as an intern at age thirteen at Danish Special Effects Service and studied the arts and crafts of pyrotechnics under the legendary Hummer Højmark.

Søren is the principle architect of the products of Copenhagen Industries, and with his more than fifteen years of experience in the field, know better than most what challenges special effects poses as it pertains to safety, price, experience, compliance and reliability; and better than anyone else how technology can solve this.

Søren’s special effects credits include Dogville, David Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Flame & Citron, Adam’s Apples, Jon Nesby’s Headhunters, the Wallander Series, Those Who Kill, Dear Wendy, Island of Lost Souls, Babylon A.D., Melancholia and countless events, shows and concerts, including being Head of Pyrotechnics at Dubai Global Village. Further credits can be found on IMdB.

Søren lives in Copenhagen with his girlfriend Line and is an avid adventure and sci-fi reader and enjoys cooking and building new technology.

Favorite Movies: …?


Daniel Karpantschof, Partner

Daniel Karpantchof FOTO: MARTIN BUBANDT

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Daniel Karpantschof ventured into odd corners of Danish society at a very young age. He served on the National Board of Education and acted as Danish representative to UNESCO, before founding his first company, Damage Incorporated, at age 15. He would later be involved in numerous startups, including CBB Mobile and Natur-Energi.

Daniel is the architect of Copenhagen Industries’ business affairs, operations and partnerships. He moved to the United States in 2009, where he co-founded the Nexus Global Youth Summit, which he handed over to his co-founder and left to run The Economist Group Ideas Lab.

He has served on numerous boards, including the Danish Council for European Policies, the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies’, the British Government’s Futures Analyst Network and is currently serving on the White House’ and US Department of State’ Council of Experts for Entrepreneurship. Daniel has guest-lectured at the Chaos Pilots, Pratt School of Design, New York University and the Royal Danish School of Design, is speaking annually at the prestigious Blouin Creative Leadership Summit in New York and was named Denmark’s Creative Elite by the Executive think-tank Monday Morning.

Daniel holds the title of Lord, love experimenting in the kitchen, is a die hard Harry Potter fan and tends to name his equipment after female role models (his soldering iron is aptly named Alanis).

Favorite Movies: Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, The Rock, Die Hard With a Vengeance and the Godfather


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